Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Carpe Diem!

A friend of mine posted a link to this fabulous blog on facebook this morning and I just had to share it here.  This momma blogger so eloquently sums up how I feel many days and I have a feeling I will come back to her post in the future when I need a little reminder.  I will admit to feeling like a "double failure" of a mom when I'm stressed, frustrated, tired and just wishing that the day/week/month would end and we could move onto a different phase.  The mom guilt would consume me if I wasn't enjoying every.single.moment.  And being reminded how fast they grow up didn't make me feel better either.  But she reminds us that we don't have to.  No one enjoys every single moment of their life....whether that's being a mom, going to work every day, or climbing Everest.  Just because we don't Carpe Diem doesn't mean we are doing something wrong.  It doesn't mean I don't love being a mom, but I can totally relate to that fabulous feeling of settling onto the couch with Bryan, a glass of wine, and some quality TV (anyone watching The Bachelor this season...such a train wreck!) after Nolan goes to bed.

And I totally agree with her description of Kairos time.  It seems like God has a way of working in those special moments at exactly the right time.  And that makes all the tough times worth it! 

Hope you enjoy her post as much as I do!

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Tim said...

Thanks for the honesty and the reminder to notice and be thankful for each kairos time throughout the day. Great blog link--worth returning to.